An Ode To Your Pet – Customized Pet Memorial Plaques

You can add a personal touch to your pet memorial by adding some pet memorial plaques that are custom designed. This is a very good way to make sure that your cat or dog is given a fitting farewell, with a personal message from you inscribed in a specially made plaque. Pet Memorial Plaque – The Basics
Pet memorials have become commonplace now, with a lot of people coming forward to show their affection for their pets now more than ever. Pet memorial plaques are available in a variety of shapes, and they are mainly being used to replace tombstones. While setting up a pet memorial in your garden or outdoors, you will need to make sure that the memorial is well constructed and done to perfection. Pet memorial plaques will help you in etching your memories on slate, without opting for a huge choice like a tombstone. Pet memorial plaques are small and compact and they solve the required purpose elegantly. While opting for a pet memorial plaque for your deceased dog or cat, make sure that you select the perfectly shaped plaque. Plaques for pets are available in heart shaped varieties, square varieties and even bone shaped varieties (for dogs). They come with either only text or with both text and graphics, depending on your preference.
Customizing Your Pet Memorial Plaque
Font and Graphics
Granite Pet Memorial

You can even choose the type of font that you want to employ, while opting for pet memorial plaques, as the plaques can be customized entirely based on your preferences. Graphics will be available for cats, dogs, rabbits and even horses and you will also have the option of converting your pet’s photo in a graphic design on the plaque so as to make the plaque more personal and unique.
Pet memorial plaques are generally made of wooden boards, and you can also opt for plates that can be made of acrylic. Wooden pet memorial plaques will be made of teak wood, mahogany wood or oak wood. Many other types will also be available, and these will be delivered upon request. Metal plaques can also be chosen, in case you’re looking for something sturdy that can stand in your memorial without getting tarnished for a long time. Aluminum pet memorial plaques, mainly made of powder coated metal, will solve this purpose. Many of these pet memorial plaques will be bronze colored, in order to blend in with the rest of the settings. Granite and marble memorial plaques are still famous among many pet owners across the country.
Text and Verses
You can also post verses from the Bible on your pet memorial plaque, and these quotes can be inscribed on the plaque using laser technique. People also tend to post poetry on their pet memorial plaques, and this can also be a good way of showing that you care.
Another innovative way to mark the demise of your pet would be to plant a tree, along with a plaque in your pet’s honor. You can do this is your own garden, or you can do this in some park too, outside. This is a good way to get over your pet loss, and to contribute to making the world a better place.