Lighten The Loss With A Pet Memorial For Your Beloved Pet
A pet memorial is growing more prevalent by the day, as more and more pet owners are starting to set up small memorials for their beloved pets. Memorials will help you remember your pet better and will also help you give your pets a fitting farewell, once they’re no more.
The Need for Pet Memorials
Coming to terms with the separation of a friend is a very hard experience, and after the loss of a pet, any person will need all the support that they can get. This is because contrary to popular perception, pet loss is a very traumatic experience, quite similar to the loss or a friend or a relative. And pets, for this reason, also need a proper funeral and memorial so that they live on in the hearts and minds of every individual attending the funeral.
Cremating a dear pet will normally be done by veterinary doctors, who will then provide the pet’s ashes to the owner, once the cremation has been completed. These ashes can either be scattered at a fixed destination, or they can be preserved in a memorial for the pet, depending on the personal preference of the pet owner. Preserving the ashes of the pet through a pet memorial can be a very good idea, as studies have shown that maintaining a pet memorial is one of the easiest ways to come to terms with pet loss.
Memorial Must Haves – What You Can Include
In case you’ve lost your close pet and are looking to turn over a new chapter in your life, you will need to ensure that you end the old one in your own style, at peace and in the right state of mind. In order to achieve this, you will need to give your pet a fitting pet memorial with all the things that your pet held dear, including its feeding bowls, a collection of collars, the cushions that your pet once used to frequent, watering bowls, leashes and even unkempt and torn rags that were your pet’s favourite and regular play tools and items.
Personalizing the Process
While creating a memorial for your pet, choose an apt location. You can create a memorial for your pet in your backyard, or in your garden, or even inside your house in your pet’s favourite corner. Once you’ve selected the apt and perfect location, make sure that you come up with a good theme that will go along with all the items that you’re bringing together under the memorial.
Once you have a definite theme in mind, you will have more clarity as to what you can add and avoid in the memorial.
You can either preserve your pet’s ashes and put it up in the memorial, or you can avoid doing the same. Urns are available, that allow you to store your pet’s ashes in a safe and easy way. You can also opt for memorial stones that can be custom made for your pet, as these will give the pet memorial site in your garden or outdoors the right feel and tone. These memorials will help you cope with your pet loss over a period of time.