The Feelings That Follow - Pet Memorial Facets You Should Know
There are many stages of feelings that arise soon after the loss of a close pet during the pet memorial, and these include anger, denial, depression, bargaining and acceptance, very much similar to the feelings that rise after the loss of a fellow human being. These feelings start in a progression, and they come occur in any order whatsoever, especially during events like pet memorials when past feelings are triggered off.
Dealing with Denial
In case you’ve just lost a pet and are dealing with pet loss, you will need to accept the fact that these feelings will rise in you in stages, and that you will need to get over them slowly. Staying in denial till the end will only make issues worse, so you should look to complete each stage with utmost grace and should work towards coping with the loss of your furry friend.
Denial is basically the first feeling that all individuals experience, and people in denial never admit that they are feeling low or that they need help. Make sure that you do not sink too much into this category, and always keep an eye out for clear signs of denial that you may see in yourself. Denial is nothing but a temporary form of defence, and this should be dealt with immediately.
The Art of Anger Management
Yet another common feeling that is bound to rise during the pet memorial, after the loss of your pet, is anger. Understand that anger is not solution, and that it is just a reflex reaction that is brought out due to your body’s resistance to change in its surroundings. However righteous your anger might seem, make sure that you let it out in a sensible manner. Understand that you may be rude or aggressive towards people who try and help you and that you should avoid doing the same.
How Not To Drown In Depression
Depression is a disease that should be avoided like the plague. Make sure you think of everything that’s positive, instead of foraying into the negative stream. This is because depression can bog you down for months without any conceivable result at all. During your pet memorial, make sure that you focus on the good memories that you and your pet once shared. This is an excellent way to focus on the brighter side without sinking into depression and thinking about being lonely again.
The Magic of Communication
Make sure that you get help from your friends and family, and realize that asking people for help is not a symbol of weakness. Only through constant communication can we share our feelings and find solace, as we are all social creatures. Open up to your close friends, or parents, or any close relatives and talk to them about your pet. This will surely give you some perspective into what you’re going through and will help you come to terms with reality.
Accept the fact that your pet has passed on, and immortalize the good memories in your mind. This way, you can carry on with your life without any hard feelings about the past, and can effectively get over the loss of your pet after the pet memorial.