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  • Tinkerbell

    Our precious Tinkerbell went to Rainbow bridge on October 9, 2017. She was nearly 18 years old. My son and I found her as a kitten shivering in the rain beside a drainage grill in a grocery store parking lot. She hopped aboard our car when we stopped to pick her up so we slowly drove home with her and shut the garage door after we drove in. Later that night my son heard her meowing and even later we pulled her out of the engine compartment and brought her inside to her new home. Our dog Panchita became her best friend and after Panchita died she was visibly sad and missing her friend.  After being a big, healthy cat for most of her life, in the last couple of years she began losing weight and slowing down but otherwise happy...she still played, but one afternoon she fell down the stairs and afterward couldn't walk steadily.  We hoped it would be a stroke she could recover from but the Vet said she most likely had a tumor and there had been neurological damage so we had to let her go.........we will miss our sweet friend.........

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    • Pets Date of Birth February 16, 1999
    • Date of Passing October 9, 2017

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