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    We lost our beloved cat Fluffy on November 11th 2016. Although she was 16 years old, her passing still came as a great shock. It has been a devastating loss. She was my best friend, my companion when I was sad and was always there for me to hug and love. I miss desperately her greetings in the morning, waiting for her breakfast, sitting under the kitchen chair rubbing her head under the bar of the chair. That was her way of telling me she was hungry. I miss her coming to cuddle with us when we went to sleep. She always knew when I was upset and would come to me with concern in her eyes and meow at me to see if I was ok. Never once did she ever scratch, bite or ever show any emotion other than love to us.  It was 16 years ago in March when I first saw her cuddled beside the fence in what was an extremely cold winter. It broke my heart to see her so cold, knowing that she wouldn't survive if left in the cold. I had told everyone that if anyone could catch her, I would take her home with me. After many tries, a kind woman managed to catch her and I brought her home with us and from that day on, she stole my heart. It took a while for our current cat Whiskers to get used to her, but once she did, they became friends. When we lost Whiskers, it was an absolutely devasting time for us, but Fluffy comforted us.


    Goodbye our sweet Fluffy. You are resting in peace now with no pain. You meant the world to us and I still can't believe you are gone. I will never forget you my sweet girl. Tell Whiskers we love her when you see her on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.


    Till we meet again. xoxoxoxo

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    • Pets Date of Birth March 16, 2001
    • Date of Passing November 11, 2016

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