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  • Killer Cox

    Killer Cox, best known as KC, was born Feb 1, 2013 and passed away Aug 31, 2016.  He was only 3 years old.  He was struggling with bladder blockage which would get inflammed to the size of a grapefruit.  Our baby was an indoor cat due to the fact of moving many times in our life.  He loved to play, run, chase his brother, pick on his brother, and wake us up at 2 am for some wet food.  He sure loved the wet food he got.  His special treat was tuna juice from a can.  KC gave lots of kisses and head rubs as his own little way of showing love to us.  We will miss him and his funny little movements he would make running down the hallway. He would go so fast, he would fish tail. KC was a very special son.  He protected me from lizards, spiders, and flies.  We thank him for everything he has done for us.  He was there for us when we were sad, frustrated, mad, and scared.  Lots of LOVE came from him!!  He will always be in our hearts! 


    Proud Parents of KC:  Crystal and Tim


    Heavenly Nap 


    You lived your lives here with us
    our loyal, loving son,
    Then God took you up to Paradise
    to live life with him.

    I’ll bet you’re peacefully lying
    upon an angel’s lap.
    Purring there in comfort and
    having a heavenly nap.

    We will miss you,
    and our love will never end.
    Time will pass, and then at last
    you’ll be on our lap again.


    We love you KC!!  Rest In Peace! 

    Pet Memorial Details

    • Pets Date of Birth February 1, 2013
    • Date of Passing August 31, 2016
    • Favorite Toy Teddy bear and frog

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