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  • Snappy

    My partner & i moved into a house backing on to a cane field. I caught sight of a ginger cat, which i discovered, the previous tenants left behind. I started leaving food out for him, and he slowly started trusting us after first making friends with our dog Gypsy. He was skinny & had no lips due to a nervous disorder. We nursed him to health, & he came with us to our next house. A couple of years later, we went away for the weekend. We came home to find he was missing. Then 4 months later, in the middle of the night, i heard a faint meow coming from the cane field. Snappy was home. After that he was a real homebody. When we got a new kitten, he let the little grey ball of fluff suckle on him. Tragedy almost struck in 2009, when i came home from a 15hr shift. He staggered out from behind the fridge where he must have been for hours,as soon as he heard my voice. A trip to the emergency vet- he had a detatched eyeball, a shattered jaw & a hole in his skull. He fougght hard & came back good as new. His favourite thing to do was to snuggle on the couch with me or our dog Gypsy. Sadly, a couple of years ago, out of nowhere, he started showing signs of illnes. A trip to the emergency vet, & it was discoved he had an undiagnosed metabolic disease & his organs were shutting down. Crushingly, there was nothing we could do, except say our goodbyes. We held him close as he went to sleep for the last time. My Snappy cat, you were a beautiful soul, who survived so much. I'm glad you decided to adopt us & chose to love us as much as we loved you. I still & always will miss you. I love you Snappalappagus.

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    • Pets Date of Birth November 30, 1999
    • Date of Passing September 2, 2014

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