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    My partner & i lived in a small town in Far Nth Qld, when we heard of someone who didn't want their puppy anymore. They had threatened to throw her in the river to either drown or be eaten by the crocodiles. Despite living in a unit at the time, i knew i had to have her. We called her Gypsy. We would take her to her friends Bubbles house when we went to work & pick her up on the way home. She had a lot of health problems with her skin & allergies & 9 years ago, she survived cancer, but she was always a happy girl. Her favourite thing to do was ride in the car & sleep on the couch. In her younger years, she was a prolific hole digger. She loved to eat ice. She hated wet grass & having a bath. She was a real daddys girl. 3 weeks ago, we took her to the vet, as she was head pressing & stumbling. After initial treatment, she was referred to a neurologist. After an MRI, it was found she had an inoperable, brain tumour. Drugs reduced the swelling, but sadly, on a week after her diagnosis, she declined rapidly. We had to make the heartbreaking decision to let her go. She passed away, aged 15, only 3 days short of the 5 month anniversary of our other dog Spuds passing. To lose them both so close together is unbearable. The only saving grace is they are now both together again. Gypsy, you will always be my beautiful bubba girl. I love you my darling girl

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    • Pets Date of Birth December 31, 2000
    • Date of Passing March 26, 2016

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