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  • Trista Aislinn

    IN MEMORY OF (Orig. Post '09):  

      My cat of almost 11 years, Trista Aislinn, was very ill the last several days. Although we struggle with finances, I always promised my fur-babies I would do everything and anything I could within my power to help them no matter what. I did have enough money to get Trista to the vet and my worse fear was confirmed -it was cancer. They had to perform surgery to see if the cancer had spread or could possibly be removed, and she may be able to live for a while longer. We were able to get a loan and got her into surgery, but she could not be saved. Of course, I did not want her to suffer any longer and I knew what needed to be done…Although I so did not want to let her go, I do believe, must believe, she would thank me for it and will be/is in a much better place.

     I was there when they put her down. I held her in my arms, weeping, and told her again and again how much I loved her...It was so fast. She was gone and it is like part of me has been ripped out! I'm unsure how I can deal with such a loss! I feel so many emotions: sorrow, guilt, regret, loneliness, helplessness, pure pain!  It just hurts so very, very immensely! 


     I have lost animals before, but Trista and I had such a kinship. I quite literally would not be alive today if it had not been for her and my other cherished feline Cindle. Trista was like my little dog-like shadow, my constant and my loving companion through thick and thin. My struggle with mental illness means I have a lot more downs and emotional instability, but animals in general have always helped me (I seem to relate to them more in so many ways). Animals do not judge, put you down, make you feel unlovable. They are there no matter what and can be counted on unlike any other I have ever known. 


     I'm a very emotional person and now with the loss of my fur-baby Trista I am utterly torn apart. I don't have Trista here to kiss me on the nose, to rub her head against me, to stroke her little paw against my tear-streaked face. I cling to her collar as I cry and try to remember to breathe through this anguish I feel all over. (She is being cremated, so she will have a special place always in our home.)


      I know she's no longer suffering and is at peace, but I still want her here with me! It feels so empty here even though I have my other cat Cindle (she is more of a loner), and I'm even caring for a stray and her kittens...But no one can replace Trista- there will never be another like her. Even if it’s silly to some people, animals are my kindred spirits and my animals truly are my children. Trista was my baby and I don't know how to get through this horrible pain. I am devastated and miss her beyond words...

      ~Still missing you my beloved & now missing your companion Cindle Lillith as well, though at least you two are together again at peace and happy over the Rainbow Bridge, and one day we will all be together once more!! 




      RIP TRISTA AISLINN  –   May '98 - Jan. 28, '09 ,

        Forever and always in my heart!


    Pet Memorial Details

    • Pets Date of Birth May 1, 1998
    • Date of Passing January 28, 2009
    • Favorite Toy catnip carrot

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