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    Vega was deeply loved by us.  We wanted to create this page so we never forget all the little things that made him so special to us.  He was our friend, our family member, and our precious companion.


    The Beginning Days (by Val):

    At the time, I (Val) was single and I wanted a companion as I was lonely in my condo.  I did some research and narrowed down my bird choice between a linnie and a parrolet.  I ultimately decided on a linnie because people stated they were sweet, gentle and quiet.  Perfect for my condo living!


    Vega was hatched in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.  I had to wait for him to be weaned but received baby pictures as I waited.  I'll never forget the day I picked him up.  He was much bigger than I thought he was going to be and he was still a baby!  The first thing I would need to do was to get a bigger cage!  Got him home and he seemed to immediate understand that he was safe, would be cared for, and loved.  My mom and I got home about 5pm and he curled up on my neck and took a nap!


    A few days later he met my boyfriend, Nathan.  Vega saw Nathan as a threat to he and I's relationship and would go out of his way to attack and bite Nathan.  I thought I would have to choose between the two of them.  Eventually Vega warmed up to him and fell in love with Nathan.  I became second but that was ok, I could have both of my favorite men!


    Early Days (by Val):

    One night I came home a bit late.  I knew I would get home late so I had left Vega out to run around the condo on his own.  The problem was, I couldn't find him!  I looked everywhere.  I called Nathan and he suggested many places to look.  I finally found him.  He had gotten to the top of his cage and crawled into the folds of the blanket I had up there which I used to cover his cage at night.  From there on, and for most of his life, he slept in the folds of his favorite blankets.


    At this point he started to learn a few tricks.  When I waved my hands, he would flap his wings.  A few times he almost took flight without intending to!  He learned how to say "you're a good boy".  He was also really good at putting himself to bed at night.  There were a few times that he would be asleep for hours but come running out of the blanket to say 'hi" (and to poop).  We always knew he was coming because he would poke his head out and make little noises.


     I had this coffee table that had tiles in the middle and glass on the edges.  He would never walk on the glass, I guess because he didn't realize it was a hard surface.  I eventually taught him he could walk on it but imagine his surprise one day when one of the glass tiles had broken and it was just a gap of air.  He went running acorss the table, full of confidence and plumetted to the floor.  We laughed but his feelings were hurt.  :)


    Married - A Perfect Trio (by Nathan and Val):

    As Vega got older his personality really started to shine.  It was so clear to us that he loved being around us.  He enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed him.  Some people say it is cruel to have just one bird, I say they never met our bird.  He was as happy as could be.  Especially when he was little he liked to lower his head and run along walls.  He kinda looked like a mouse.  We came up with a bit of a theme song for him as it was the funniest thing!


     Sticker Hat (by Nathan):

    While I was in grad-school, Val would be at work during the day and I would have mornings to myself.  Sometimes I would get Vega out of his cage for some mid-morning entertainment.  This particular morning I had eaten a Chiquita Banana for breakfast and thought the Chiquita sticker would make for a charming little “bird sized” hat.  I placed the sticker atop Vega’s head and then took us into the bathroom so we could look at ourselves in the mirror.  He looked almost ready for synagogue adorning his little blue Yamaka sticker.  Not thinking things through prior to the hatting, I thought it would simply be a matter of removing the Chiquita sticker by simply peeling it back off.  However, when I began to do so, Vega’s head feathers had really grabbed hold of the stickum and didn’t want to let go.  They began to come off with the sticker.  Panic ensued.  The kind of panic that involved Val coming home to find her new pet with half a sticker on it’s head while the other half of the sticker contained the feathers that had most recently been attached to her new pet’s head.  It was now imperative to find a safer/more bird friendly manner of removing this “cute idea” without further damage.  Idea.   Vega needed a shower.  We’d just add a little soap and some warm water to soften things up on top.  Into the shower he went.  (When Vega was older, he LOVED water.  He loved being sprayed by it, he loved being in it.  Sometimes we would hold him right under the sink faucet for a cool bath.  I’m not sure that he had yet developed this love for water at the time of the sticker incident, but perhaps it was an early beginning to his developing affinity for it.) Turns out, the shower worked.  No more Chiquitta hats for either of us, the stickum residue began to wear off Vega’s head, and his feathers eventually grew back.  Lesson learned.


    Toilet vs Bird (by Nathan):

    Early on Vega and I didn’t necessarily know what to make of each other and were constantly trying to figure each other out.  What I could tell about this little green guy was that he was temperamental, yet curious.  He would run across an entire room just so he could bite my toe or whatever happened to be within beaks range, but at the same time there was developing trust with him that seemed to show when he would let his guard down.  One of his favorite places to spend time with me was in the bathroom, whether it was showering, grooming, or..well, whatever.  While I was doing my thing he would run around on the floor, cuddle with my big toe, sing songs to himself or talk to me, look in the mirror, or take the occasional bird bath.  So on this particular day I happened to be standing in front of the toilet zipping my pants back up having finished my duties when Vega, curious Vega mind you, wanted to check out what was going on in the “big bird bath” looking porcelain basin.  Curiosity struck him right about the time I pulled the handle.  Vega realized that there wasn’t a landing pad so much as a hole on the top and found himself “in the drink” so to speak.  With wings apart he began spinning around the bowl with all the water and what not.  I quickly reached in and grabbed him before he took the final plunge.  He looked shocked and wet, much in need of a bath, but really none the worse for wear.  I suppose that was one of the days where his trust for me increased, if only by a little.


    The Great Escape (by Nathand):

    Vega was always happy to see you.  Anytime you were leaving or entering a room he would fly up to greet you.  So often he would hitch a ride on one of our shoulders or wrap himself up in the collar of one of our shirts.  This became regular enough of an occurrence that we’d often forget that he was there.  So when we headed for the outside door we really had to be mindful of not taking him outside w/us for obvious reasons.  While living in the condo in Moon Twp. There was a glass sliding door that lead outside to the balcony where we kept our grill.  Vega would peer out the glass and run up/down the rails on the carpet watching what was happening outside.  One evening I happened to be grilling some steaks outside on the grill.  As I walked by the patrician that separated the kitchen from the living room (where Vega lived) I didn’t notice that he was sitting atop his cage ready to fly over and great me as I rounded the corner.  At the exact moment I opened the door to the balcony Vega sprung from his cage to fly over and right out the door he went.  My heart sunk.  “Ohhhh poop.”  Thinking he was gone, panic ensued.  I watched that little bird fly straight off the balcony out over the yard into the parking lot circle around a big birch tree and head directly back to my shoulder.  I think he was more terrified than I was.  Must have seemed like a big big world once he got out there.  Glad he decided to come back.


     Videos of our little man...

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    Playing with mommy's earring!239&authkey=!ADFwnQ7M-djSwSw&ithint=video%2cAV


    Loving a head scratch!217&authkey=!AMH9C5v__QvDfPQ&ithint=video%2cmp4


    Hmmmm, tacos!!532&authkey=!AB5exjzfAELq8bE&ithint=video%2cmp4


    Wind beneath Vega's wings!246&authkey=!AJuNHCIHGcmPMTw&ithint=video%2cmp4



     Things we'll miss the most:

    • How he would climb up to the top of my drinking glass to get a drink.
    • How he would chirp when we'd get home
    • How he would fly down from our loft bedroom, land on the living room floor, do a hop and a chirp and run under the couch like he was skipping.
    • How he got angry when you tried to take his cheese
    • His snuggles in the mornings
    • How he would sit on our finger and try to fly away but didn't because he would forget to "let go"
    • How he would say "poop" when he sat on the garbage can
    • When he would sit on my shoulder, grab my earring with his beak and shake it violently
    • His laughs in the other room
    • How he tried to crawl up Nathan's nose
    • How he smelled, especially after eating broccoli
    • His kind and gentle spirit and heart
    • How he knew Nathan wouldn't share from his dinner plate, but knew mommy would!
    • Him being home with me, keeping me company, especially when he sat on top of my monitor screen and just looked down at me, sometimes falling asleep.
    • Him sitting in the Christmas tree
    • Scratching his head
    • When I would sit at the desk I would hear him climbing up the electrical cord and sat on the plug.  That never seemed safe to me!  I would try to remove him but he would lower his head for a scratch instead.  He always wanted a head scratch.
    • When I was working at home, how he insisted on climbing down my shirt to sit on my lap.  He would sit there for hours.
    • Taking him camping with us and on various other vacations.
    • How he would crawl into Nathan's shirt collar.  He would often make a little nest in our necks as we watched tv.

    Things we won't miss but would take back in a heartbeat:

    • Poop.  All the poop. 
    • Biting my toes when I got too close to "his space"
    • His hormonal driven habits
    • Trying to find a place for him to stay when we went away
    • How he would squeal when I folded laundry.  It either scared him or he was jealous of the attention I was given to the laundry



    Final Thoughts:

    I remember little things about the last day we had Vega. How he hung out by the back door, flirting with my flip flops, how he kept trying to climb up on my address book, how he stretched high to give Nathan a kiss when he got home from work and how he ran around the dinner table, I hope these memories do not become distant.  I'll miss you forever my friend, my buddy.  ~Mommy


    Pet Memorial Details

    • Pets Date of Birth December 24, 2007
    • Date of Passing November 10, 2015
    • Favorite Toy We were his favorite toys!

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