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  • Simba "Baby"

    Simba is been 24 hours since you crossed over to the rainbow bridge and we feel so empty by your absence, this morning as I opened the door and you did not not walked towards me complaining as you always did it tore me up yet I acknowledge your presence in spirit, it wasn't your time to go and what hurst me the most is that I know you were in pain but you know that when we knew you were we did all we could, I promise you Baby that no harm goes unpunished by the almighty. You were my first furry baby boy and I will never forget you you are irreplaceable, your human aunties, father and granny share these feelings and we are trying to cope the best we can as we know you are in a better place but selfishly we want you with us because you were stolen, Tu Tia Abuela Maribel quien te salvo la vida al nacer y ayer tuvo el dolor de tener que verte ir tambien hoy llora tu ausencia, I wish you were able to tell me who inflicted that pain on you, now you are pain free next to all the ones that left before you meowing freely and with all the angels my baby I hope to see you when is my time to cross over, don't forget me because I won't forget you. Mommy


    Chacha, Marie,Juvi,Mimoso,Brownie,Duches, Lucky & Luna say to behave because they have the gift to see you <3

    Pet Memorial Details

    • Pets Date of Birth March 24, 2011
    • Date of Passing August 18, 2015
    • Favorite Toy bounce soft ball

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