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  • Tilly

    Tilly passed away yesterday evening at 10:30pm. Her full name was Matilda Faberge Whitepaws, aka Tilba and Tilly Dippers. She was a beautiful white dwarf rabbit with the cutest cottontail that looked like cotton wool. She had beautiful, kind brown eyes and long dark eyelashes. In fact she looked like a rabbit beauty Queen.


    Tilly loved to give you an affectionate nip and enjoyed eating milk chocolate drops. She was good company and our family always felt loved and protected by our affectionate friend. She would look around the room and we often wondered if she could see the angels. She has now gone to the rainbow bridge with her friend Cocoa.


    We will remember Tilly's mischievious streak. She severed many cables and macbook pro chargers, wires and mice ( not real ones lol .) She once ran off with my students' essays and tried to shred them. I chased her arond the room and couldn't quite catch her under the table.


    Tilly was very iintuitive and intelligent. She was kind and playful, but could be reserved and quiet too.


    To say we are heartbroken is an understatement. She was part of our family and we will miss her terribly. At night when we were in bed, the door would creak open and she would run around. Often we would awake to find her sitting and looking out of the window at the morning sunrise.


    We love you Tilly and will miss you.

    Pet Memorial Details

    • Date of Passing August 11, 2015
    • Favorite Toy Macbook pro wires and cables

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