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  • Lilly

    I miss my baby Lilly desperately.  I feel like I am drowning.  She was so funny, and smart.  I have had several dogs in the past , but for some reason she was very special to me.  She had a very rough begining, so I promised I'd make her life as soft and kind as possible.  I also promised myself I'd never knowingly let her suffer a single day again in her life.  Sadly she developed something incureable, and had one single day of panting and discomfort when I made the decision to say goodbye.  It was hard, but she was so special and so sweet, I couldn't think of my selfish needs to keep her.  She brought me 11.5 years of absolute friendship and fun.  

    I have such a void.  I am very busy with volunteer work, of which she did a lot of with me.  I feel empty and don't want to be a bore everytime I see people, so I am limiting contact with friends this first week.  

    Lilly was a mini dachshund, who thought she took care of me rather than I her.  She learned to gutterally say hello, and was very vocal using it.  She loved toys of which she had hundreds, but she just loved staring at me, no matter what I was doing.  She would sit and stare for hours while I worked on the computer.  I'd hold her to look at the computer, but she was just as happy just watching.  

    I wish I had more time with her as the emptiness is paralyzing.  

    I will miss my sweet angel forever. 

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    • Pets Date of Birth August 17, 2002
    • Date of Passing November 13, 2014
    • Favorite Toy a stuffed monkey

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