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  • JoJo

    January 25, 2015. When I look at your face now, I don't just see the face of a "dog". I see an individual who was trying to connect with me on a different level than what I am conditioned to. I use words to communicate, even when I don't fully understand their gravity or meaning. I don't have to put as much thought into my words, even though I should. We all should, as humans. But forgive us, because we are stuck in the turmoil of our own minds, and we don't live in direct proximity to the present. We live in memories of the past, and fantasies of the future. Due to this strange tendency, we often miss what is right before us. Your language comes from the heart, and we understand it when we really take the time to listen. But our own voices can be deafening. I realize these things in hindsight, of course. I will hold these lessons in my heart forever, just as I hold the love I have for you.



    January 3, 2015. I wasn't able to say very much when you died. My emotions were just too raw and I felt so much grief. I was surprised by how much I felt the loss. Now I know that I've never had a friend like you, JoJo. You were accepting of my flaws, and loved me despite them. You were always sitting beside me to comfort me, but you were there- just BEING. To coexist with me without judgement, or words, or ego-boosts...that is the essence of a dog. Such a simple, underappreciated essence. The soul of a dog (or any animal) is pure and untainted love, a true light that shines in our lives. Humans can sure learn a lot from a dog. I know that I learned so much about life from you. Thank you, boy.





    JoJo, you came into our lives when you needed love the most. I am only just beginning to realize how much you helped our family and how very much you touched us all. I will miss the acceptance and love you so freely and naturally offered, and the comfort that you provided. You will live on in our hearts forever. We love you, boy.

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