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  • Mandy Lynn

    I pray you are happy in heaven, playing with the angels.  I lost you just a few days ago on May 13, 2013.  You were so healthy and vibrant, then the illness took hold and took you too quickly.  Even until the day you passed you trotted when you walked.  We met you in a Petsmart through the Homeward Bound adoptions.   I was not looking for a baby, but there were you, destined to be in our family to bless us.  You gave us 16 years of unconditional love, and as my daughter said, love of which we could not pay back a tenth.  You were beautiful, sweet, loving and a pure angel in our eyes.  You saw us through so many good and really bad times.  The years passed too quickly.  I cannot believe the pain that is in my body and heart with heartache knowing I cannot hold you again, but in my heart I have to know I will be with you again in heaven.  I cannot imaging heaven any other way, but with my loved ones.  Thank you for being everything to us.  I believe I will always reach out to feel for you at night and always look for you lying on our bed as I walk through.  I hope one day the pain will pass and just the memories and good feelings you gave me will continue.  I'm only saying goodbye for now, giving you back to God for a while so he might enjoy you as we did.  I hope you meet me in heaven so I can feel your soft fur and your sweet purring and we can continue our loving relationship we had here on earth.  I love you with all my heart sweet baby girl.  You truly are my angel baby. 

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    • Date of Passing May 13, 2013
    • Favorite Toy Lambie - a McDonalds toy

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