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  • Gypsy our gyp-gyp baby

    We lost our baby today. ..she fought long and hard to beat parvo which she caught at the vet . It was a hard 5 days .we tried everything from fluid injections under her skin to steroids. It was just to much for her little body to handle ..gyp-gyp was a special dog at 15 months she weighed only 35 pounds very healthy ..she was an "dwarf albino blue pittbull "..has never barked nor growled anyone are anything ..spoiled rotten .. had to have her pillow and blanket to sleep. Crushed ice everyday...she tilted her head when u talked to her to show she was listening. Comfort you when u where upset..she was very special can't really explain ..if you ever met her u would understand ...her eyes where a window to her soul tell you exactly what she wanted ..which she usually got...born on December 25 2012 she passed away March 7,2013 at 4:42am with her momma and daddy holding her. She is and will always be loved and sadly missed ..she's our GYPSY "GYP-GYP" ... WE LOVE YOU

    Pet Memorial Details

    • Pets Date of Birth December 25, 2011
    • Date of Passing March 7, 2013
    • Favorite Toy her momma's crocks and her daddy's tool only rubber handled ones

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  • lorietta78
    lorietta78 We love you gyp-gyp are and will always be sadly missed
    March 8, 2013