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    The Paw That Touched the Hearts of the World

    Memorials are written to honor those who have lived. Recently one of “man’s best friends” left this life, leaving behind the “paw prints” of a life well lived. Few dogs have achieved
    as much as this dedicated and patient young lady has. For twelve years “Miss
    Lilly” devoted her time and energy to helping others.  An amazing number of organizations and once homeless pets will forever be grateful for the funding they received when her
    paw touched their lives.

    After being abandoned in the desert with her three puppies, Miss Lilly and her family were placed into an Albuquerque, NM animal rescue facility. The first time Miss Lilly saw Linda Young, she instantly knew they belonged together. She pursued the reluctant Linda until she knew it
    too. After settling in with her new parents, Dr. Jay Clark and Linda, remarkable events began to unfold.    

    Linda couldn’t resist placing colorful feathers on Miss Lilly’s head. Immediately Lilly began to hold her head high, knowing in that moment what she was here to do.  Linda started designing
    clothes for Miss Lilly, who eagerly and proudly wore every outfit. In time, her wardrobe included a Victorian dress, buckskin cowgirl set, saloon girl costume, a beach set, and even a sock hop outfit.


     Whenever and wherever the two of them strolled together, Lilly’s paws left their imprint. No one was able to resist her charms. Onlookers’ hearts were moved by her expressive eyes, and soon fund raising became her way of helping other animals. On average, Lilly devoted 90 days a year to the task of raising funds. Most of the money she raised provided care for less fortunate animals until they found their own families.

    Over the years, many awards were presented to Miss Lily. She was the first and only canine ever to be deputized Honorary Deputy, by the Cochise Country Sherriff’s Department in
    Tombstone Arizona. Considering the fact that the Department has a 131 year history, this is quite an accomplishment.  Another award had a Gold Star and her likeness etched onto it. This was by far her favorite.

    Did you know that Miss Lilly had set a goal for herself? She wanted to raise a grand total of $23,000.00 by the end of 2012. She’d gotten very close to her goal, because she’d raised
    $22,789.00 before an illness stopped her efforts. Sadly, Miss Lilly left her last paw prints on the loving arms of her daddy, Jay. On September 19th, as he held her close, the illness she was battling claimed her life.

    Many who knew and loved Miss Lilly would like to honor her by reaching or even surpassing her goal. If you want to join us in honoring Lilly, you may send a contribution (in her name) to her beloved town’s No Kill Shelter.  Mail to:  Tombstone Small Animal Shelter, PO BOX 1085,
    Tombstone, AZ 85638.

    Pet Memorial Details

    • Pets Date of Birth January 1, 1994
    • Date of Passing September 19, 2012
    • Favorite Toy Dressing Up

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  • MissLilly1
    MissLilly1 Miss Lilly’s Accomplishments Raised funds for: Companion Animal Rescue & Medical Assistance - NM Tombstone Small Animal (No Kill) Shelter - AZ Animal Network Efforts of Women of NM WHEELS Museum – NM (Transportation Exhibition Museum) Sock Hop Benefit...  more
    November 4, 2012