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  • Ickis and Shorty

    In Loving Memory: Ickis & Shorty
    My Love and My Tears and My Sorrow and My Regrets,

    Peace & Life Everlasting, Across the Rainbow Bridge, Roaming free on the green, green grass of Forever . . .


    My little Ickis, beloved forever, January 27, 1996 until December 21, 2010

    Dear little Shorty, February 18, 1996 until January 15, 2011

    Poor little Shorty, she did not understand that I loved her as much as I loved Ickis.

    She loved Ickis and could not live without him.

    I loved them both and I can no longer live without them.

    They were, they are and will forever be the light of my life and the love of my life.

    There was no one else. . .


    My dear little Ickis and Shorty, true loves of my life,

    Peace and Life Everlasting

    . . . Across the rainbow bridge

    . . .  . . Roaming free

    On the green, green grass of Forever . . .

    Ickis and Shorty and me


    I didn't know what I had, I didn't understand how precious it was, until I lost it.

    My life is now empty, pointless, without meaning or purpose

    until I cross the rainbow bridge to join my beloved Ickis and Shorty.

    Now it is time to be reunited with my love my darlings : 12/5/2015


    He was 9 years old here:

    If you would like to donate something in their name,

    their final resting place is the Siamese Cat Rescue Center at

    and let Siri know you are donating in their memory.

    Pet Memorial Details

    • Pets Date of Birth January 27, 1996
    • Date of Passing December 21, 2010
    • Favorite Toy me

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