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  • Rasta Boy

    My Little Broddah Rasta Boy oh I will miss you. You live a long and great life surrounded by lots of love. I will miss your smiling face. You were such a happy dog. I will miss your barking when I come visit you and mom them, as soon I come in the house you grab your toy or bone and show it off to me.I will miss giving you more treats when mom them said you can’t have more than one cause you were on diet. I will miss when you and boogie argue bark at each other because boogie steals your toy and run away and hide. I will miss when I have to chase you down the street because you like to run away and explore. I will miss cutting your nails, im sorry when I moved I couldn’t cut your nails more often. But most of I will miss you. I was just 17 when mom them got you. For the 14 years I watch you grow from a puppy to a rascal teenager and to a mellow and kickback adult. But as the years went by during your senior years your hip dysplasia got worst and tumors grown a lot more bigger. Then you could not walk and recently you were bleeding from your nose and had a hard time it was hard on mom them to let you go cause they will miss you but they know you were suffering and you was ready to go sleep and wait in heaven for them, so June 24 2012 Sunday afternoon it was the hardest day for everyone to say goodbye to you little brother. We know you were tired cause you went so fast. I know you are running around playing with your toys in heaven waiting for us to come and be together again and give you your milk bone treat. Rest now boy I love you


    Pet Memorial Details

    • Pets Date of Birth May 11, 1998
    • Date of Passing June 24, 2012
    • Favorite Toy tennis ball

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