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  • Bela "BooBoo"


    Bela "BooBoo" was my best friend.  He was a gray cockatiel born in Danville, VA.  He was always there to comfort me during a difficult time in my life.  After a year, he moved back with me to West Virginia where he continued to live for another year.  Thanksgiving of 2011 was the last holiday we spent together.  It was difficult to spend Christmas without him because he always loved the decorations. 


    I didn't realize it, but BooBoo was sick before I even bought him.  I took him to the vet soon after he came home, but I already loved him and refused to take him back.  He had respiratory illness, but was well for a long time after antibiotic treatment, so I thought we were out of the woods.  I am wondering if the change in climate or atmosphere eventually caused a problem for him after we moved.


    Anyway, I don't want to focus on the sad details.  Bela was a funny and energetic bird.  He was extremely smart.  They told me that he was a runt, and I guess he always was small for a tiel.  When I first saw him at the pet shop in Danville, I noticed that he looked like my childhood cockatiel named Patches.  He was the only cockatiel there who was friendly enough to sit on your finger.  The boy at the store considered him his favorite bird.  He had been weaned there.  What really made me laugh was when I saw another cockatiel try to take his swing.  This cockatiel was much bigger, but Bela put him right in his place!  I admired his tenacity for being the runt.


    I have to include a funny note.  I originally thought that Bela was a female due to his coloring.  I had named him after Bella from Twilight and simply because I thought it was a pretty name.  After 9 months or so, Bela's head became very yellow and I realized that he had all the markings and personality of a male bird.  My friend noted that the actor, Bela Lugosi, was a male, so I figured I could just delete one letter from his name.  Of course, I called him BooBoo so much that this was like his second name. 


    It was obvious from the beginning that Bela was extremely smart.  I was quickly able to teach him to tap out "Shave and a Haircut."  He also taught himself to sing it by making a clicking noise with his beak.  At various times, you could hear Bela singing out any number of tunes, many that he seemed to make up on his own.  He had this particular little song and dance that he would do whenever he was on my finger and I encouraged him.  One time I had put him to bed at least an hour before.  I found myself walking down the hall and singing.  In spite of the fact that he was sitting in the dark and covered up, Bela immediately decided to join me in song.


    Bela liked many humans, but some just rubbed him the wrong way and he wanted nothing to do with them.  However, he became great friends with my mom and loved to visit her.  She would spend hours with him during their visits. He was willing to sit on many hands and shoulders, but I was the only one who was allowed to pet him.  And he loved for me to pet him!  He would often give me kisses on my checks, lips, and ears.  He had his sassy moments as well, but he was always kind when I was ill or feeling sad.  Whenever I would cry, he would immediately want out of his cage so he could comfort me.  Unlike some cockatiels, he was happy spending hours out of his cage with me.  He would even sit on my shoulder as I walked around the house.  In fact, he would follow me if I left the room. 


    He never fully learned to talk, although I did get him to say "hello" a few times.  Sometimes when he was on his own, you could hear him making baby talk sounds.  It almost sounded like he was having a conversation with himself!  Sometimes in the middle of the day I would take a nap and find comfort just by listening to his singing from the living room.  During our last few months together, he was ever more loving during our alone time in the evening.  We would cuddle and watch TV. 


    During our time together, there were a few times that I had to be away from him.  Upon my return, he was so quick to show his happiness at seeing me again.  And I always missed him, especially during the preparation for the move from Virginia.  During this time, he stayed with my father.  He didn't like him at first and tried to display his dominance.  When my dad wouldn't let him chew up the newspaper, he became very angry and bit him hard.  My dad went to put him back in his cage, but he climbed down the back of his shirt so he couldn't reach him.  Finally, Dad had to remove his shirt to get Bela back in his cage.  Bela proceeded to make angry noises at him for the next hour.  After this little spat, I guess Bela realized he couldn't always get his way and he came to love my dad.  In fact, every time I would bring Bela to my parents' house to visit from that point on, he would immediately fly to my dad's shoulder.  Bela would become angry if you tried to remove him!  Bela always found some way to make us laugh!


    Again, I don't want to mention too many details about BooBoo's death because it still hurts so much.  He tried to hold on, but just couldn't make it any longer.  We think he hid his illness for a while, and then it was too late when it became obvious.  I loved him and I would give anything to have him back.  He even came to love my boyfriend who he seemed to be jealous of at first.  He gave him a kiss and a nudge goodbye before he passed on. I hope he is flying over Rainbow Bridge.  He loved to fly and was really good at it!  As someone with asthma, I know what it's like to struggle to breathe.  He was so strong and brave!  I will love you forever, my best friend. Thank you for always being there for me.  Heaven is lucky to have you!

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    • Pets Date of Birth May 22, 2009
    • Date of Passing November 27, 2011
    • Favorite Toy A Red Spinning Wheel

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