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    In Memory of Whisky

    We found whisky through a friend of my past sister, 9 years ago, he was 5 years old then, and was looking for a home.

    He turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to us,and as we have no kids,he became our "spoiled big boy" who we loved completely as did everyone who met him.

    He loved my barbecue and all the yummy food he got from it :) and walks to the beach and to the woods, as well as all other dogs

    He had too many toys to mention and always stayed in our room at night,often sneaking on to the bed as we slept (so he thought).


    In feb 2009 we learned Whisky had Kidney failure, and slowly became weaker from not eating.

    But somehow through persistent feeding from us (human food), he perked up for a while, and would sometimes walk across to the park (not far).

    In his last two weeks he started bringing up anything he ate, before finally stopping eating altogether in his last week.

    Sadly at age 14 years on Friday 3rd july 2009
    Whiskys battle against time ended quietly and painlessly.

    He now rests in a special place, taking with him, his favourite toy, pictures of him and us, and the verse i had been writing for him during his illness, and finishing the last verse on the day of his passing.

    We miss him terribly and hope that someday this terrible pain will ease

    For Whisky

    My old friend called Whisky, the one I love so dear,
    You lie asleep beside my feet whenever I am near.

    I never need to call you! Your never far away, I know I’ll find you waiting when I come home each day.

    For who could love me as you do? My beautiful spotty boy,
    So happy when we’re walking, your eyes so full of joy.

    I see you getting older, but we can’t turn back time,
    So happy that I found you, so proud that you are mine.

    The days must seem so long now, I know you miss your walks!
    You’d tell me “Dad I’m tired” if only you could talk.

    Now sadly time has took its toll, and I must let you go,
    Forever I will miss you, but you already know.

    By now I know your waiting, sat by heaven’s gate,
    With ears held high and wagging tail, so patiently you wait.

    One day you’ll hear me coming when I call out your name,
    Two friends will be together, forever, once again.

    And when we’re reunited, I will surely smile,
    In heavens endless garden, we’ll walk a million miles.

    Sleep well Old Friend

    Love dad

    Pet Memorial Details

    • Pets Date of Birth February 20, 1995
    • Date of Passing July 3, 2009
    • Favorite Toy His Wee Mini Basketball and the Chewy Chicken

    Pet Memorial Album (9 photos)

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