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  • Potchi

    I've always remember since you came home with us and me boasting everyone how you have the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen in a dog and that there was, how you always come running towards me expecting a hug and that i know there was something very special in you.

    Each day i came from home feeling sad, hopeless, insignificant and sometimes even suicidal, but once i remember someone is waiting for me, expecting me, then seeing you excitedly running or even jumping for me everyday negates all of me fears, doubts and troubles, makes me feel very important, its so amazing how little youve done to change me, it was difficult to express, you make me feel that i'm not alone, youve never judge me, all i see in your eyes was love and hapiness, you were very protective of us and all those time we walked you, play with you was very rewarding and memorable, i never felt that this excitement to even just wake up and see you.

    Those were the happiest moments of my life.


    Then that fateful day come, i was devastated, these moments was the longest and the hardest for me, i felt that a very big chuck of me was being taken and there were nothing i can do anything about it, i never want to get separated from you, i really hate myself that i can't do much for her even to ease your pain, Though it was only a few years since you came home with us, i want to make you feel that even in your last moments, i will always be beside you, holding you even through your last breath that it might seem forever.

    You left us that day peacefully and wherever you are now, please be happy, i will always remember you as the happiest dog make my life very significant even for a short time.


    Thank you and we love you.


    You Best Friend.

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    • Date of Passing April 18, 2012
    • Favorite Toy rags, tennis balls, chewtoys, my nephews

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