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  • Blackie

    I found Blackie on June 6, 2000 while on a mountain bike ride. Someone had abandoned this beautiful Black Lab/Border Collie mix. The vet told me he was about 3 months old. Blackie was the smartest dog I've ever known. During his training, he learned almost immediately. It was a joy to work with him. He was my constant companion since the day I found him. He did spend a little time at pet sitters and kennels, but the vast majority of over 11 years was spend with me. He helped me through the loss of other pets, and the loss of my spouse. When he was younger we would walk for miles. He loved to play ball, and he had his own favorite 'glow' ball. We played inside and outside. He always loved to have his ball nearby.


    On Friday night Blackie played ball with us as usual. Although he was a little sedate. He had been having appetite problems and I had taken him to the vets multiple times. On Saturday he developed a limp and later that day he laid down and wouldn't get up. Early Sunday morning I took him to the Emergency Clinic and he was showing all the signs of lymphoma in a crisis stage. On Monday morning it was confirmed. Blackie passed away at 9:45 am Monday morning as I petted him and talked to him. The last voice he heard in this world was mine.


    I love you Black, I'll miss you every day for the rest of my life. I pray you are someplace happy, maybe with your Mom.

    Pet Memorial Details

    • Pets Date of Birth March 8, 2000
    • Date of Passing September 26, 2011
    • Favorite Toy Glow Ball

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