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  • Winston

    In memory of Winston. A dog who was my best friend, companion, and my protector. Winston had traveled the states, chased rabbits, and was a very loving dog that loved to be petted even by strangers. Winston’s got his name from a old picture of Winston Churchill because they both looked alike. Winston was a very good dog and he is very missed. My other dog Jezebell also misses him and has wined for the last few days. Winston has died at over 10 years on Friday (7/15/2011) just after 6 AM. I will miss him greatly. Winston (Oct 2000 to Jul 2011).

    Pet Memorial Details

    • Pets Date of Birth October 10, 2000
    • Date of Passing July 15, 2010
    • Favorite Toy Anything

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  • codexena
    codexena Winston, I miss you very much. I only wish you was here when I get up I hope you are still here next to me and to follow me around. I also hope you are at the door when I come back from work, but you are not and my sadness returns and I start to cry. I kn...  more
    July 18, 2011