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Losing a pet is not easy to deal with but we as a society will help  you build a virtual or online pet memorial for your departed pet. Our pet memorials are free and we have the best address in the industry. Since 1999 has been helping pet lovers all over the world to deal with the loss of their pets by providing a place to memorialize your their pets and a community to lean on. If you are a pet lover, chances are that in your life time you will mourn one or two pets, having a place to keep their memory for eternity while they wait for your over the rainbow bridge helps lessen the pain and speeds the healing process.


Notable pet memorials in our community includes;


Chanda-Leah's pet memorial, 4-time world's smartest dog,

Buddy Clinton's pet memorial, former first dog,

Drizzle's, the royal pony of Prince Harry of England.


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After you have registered, click on "Post New Pet Memorial"  to post a new pet memorial.

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