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Toby was such a special part of my life.He was a icon were we lived.My daughter lives a few hundred feet away from us.When she'd walked him.He'd head straight to my house.I watched while my daughter worked.He was so spoiled and loved by everybody here where we live.He is so missed.It's been lil over a week and it's hard not having him here when I wake up.Having him be my shadow or my companion while kids and husband gone all day.Our naps and sitting outside on his blanket.Toby I love you,Grandma

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    tobysgrandma It's been 2 weeks today>Grandma sure misses you.
    October 24, 2011
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    tobysgrandma Not A Day goes by.That I don't miss you or think of you.Love You,Grandma.
    November 22, 2011